Stop Eating Fake Food and Get Real!

Are you a victim of fake food? You think that you are pretty good at spotting empty calorie or processed foods, but there are a few fake foods possibly hiding in your pantry or fridge. According to Larry Olmstead, the author of Real Food Fake Food, what you are purchasing at the grocery store or in restaurants may not fall under the category of real food. What is Real Food? Real food is the food … Read more

What in the Heck Are Nootropics?

If you’ve been curious about brain supplements, nootropics might interest you. Not only are these brain supplements good for you, but they actually work. Nootropics are brain supplements designed to improve a different, specific mental function. Those that take them regularly, vouch for their authenticity and highly beneficial effects. There are quite a few different types of nootropic supplements available that are all designed to achieve a specific desired effect. In this beginner’s’ guide, we’ll … Read more

Low Fat Clean Eating

If you’re trying to improve your eating habits and make a positive, healthful change in your life, you may be in for a rough road ahead, but we can help. Changing lifelong habits can be difficult; you have to learn what foods are good for you and what aren’t, how to cook healthier foods, and get used to new, healthier habits and behaviors. Through this article, we’ll help you find some clever ways to change … Read more

Low Carb Clean Eating

Clean eating calls on us to change our way of living to improve our health. While many naysayers may try to label this way of eating as a tagline, fad or “a latest craze” diet, low carb clean eating continues to receive praises for its impact on people’s lives. It challenges us to make healthier decisions about what it is we put into our mouths. It forces us to ask the hard question: Am I … Read more

How to Boost Your Immunity with Diet

Constantly, on a daily basis, night and day, we’re bombarded with organisms which enter our bodies through a variant of ways; inhalation, swallowing, skin cells, or mucous membranes. What these organisms are capable of doing once they’re inside our bodies all depends on how strong our immune system is. When our immune system is working as it should, we don’t even realize we had foreign organisms in our body that would have wreaked havoc on … Read more

A Day In The Life Of Eating A Clean Diet

Clean eating doesn’t have to be a complicated way of living. This one-day meal plan demonstrates that with a little planning, clean eating can be simple. Your goal is to aim for meals and snacks that are the quick, satisfying and healthy. Breakfast Start your day with a smoothie. Need a recipe? How about a Mixed Berry Cobbler Smoothie? Featured in Fitness Magazine from the cookbook Ultimate Cookbook of Modern Juicing, this smoothie is full … Read more

Adaptogenic Herbs and Spices

Stress is a buzzword these days. Everyone is talking about the stress they are experiencing or have experienced and the impact it has on their lives. Fact is, stress is a real thing and even medical doctors are beginning to realize that! Stress really does have an impact on your life and especially on the way that your body functions. Stress is unavoidable for many of us. But, there is help around the corner! Have … Read more

Activated Charcoal: Detox Your Body Inside & Out

Getting rid of impurities and toxins from our body is nothing new. It’s been done since the 19th century. And since then, many types of detoxification cleanses have been tried out, like infrared sauna studios, yoga twists, juicing, fasting, and many others. Lately, we’ve hearing of a new old detox which uses activated charcoal or activated carbon. There are those who claim that this heat-treated charcoal binds itself to toxins and flushes them out of … Read more

2018 Wellness Trends: The Wellness Kitchen

Are you currently building a lifestyle that is all about health and wellness? If so, some of the changes you make will go far behind your external and internal self. You will need to assess your current home environment and make a few changes to the interior of your home. Why not begin with your kitchen? Your kitchen provides a layer to the foundation of your health and wellness. It can become your greatest asset … Read more

10 Pillars of Eating Clean

A pillar is a structural support and on your journey to optimal physical and mental health, you need several pillars to give you the structure and support you need. Being healthy requires several factors such as: Exercise Breathing Sleep tress Attitude Lifestyle Diet The last one may be the most important of all. What we eat has the power to change everything to the better, or if your diet is filled with processed junk food, … Read more