High Protein Diets and Your Metabolism

A metabolic process is at work in all living organisms. It is the very complex and interconnected group of processes and functions which allows an organism to live. Thanks to fad diets and the latest, greatest exercise programs, many people think of metabolism as being solely responsible for whether or not you are overweight or obese, as opposed to being slim and trim. This is an unfortunate over-simplification of a very involved process. Your metabolism … Read more

What Types of Foods Are Considered Healthy for Diabetics?

Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are health conditions related to elevated blood sugar levels. Accordingly, if you consume foods that have low levels of sugar, you stand a better chance of reversing your diabetic situation. There are other foods you should avoid aside from sugar that can aggravate your diabetes. Foods to Avoid Deli meats, hot dogs, foods with lots of sodium, refined white flour and large portions of potatoes, corn and peas should be … Read more

Low Carb Diets and Your Metabolism

Metabolism and weight management go hand in hand, whether you are overweight, underweight or currently enjoy an ideal body weight. In addition to directly influencing how much you weigh, your metabolism also has a say-so in how healthy your cardiovascular and respiratory processes are. The metabolic process in all living organisms is very complex, and in humans it basically has to do with how the body converts food into energy. If your metabolism is healthy, … Read more

Does Being Overweight Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

It is well known that being overweight or obese can lead to multiple health problems. Carrying more weight than your body is intended to means you are more likely to develop the following conditions: Certain cancers Heart disease and stroke Fatty liver disease Problems during pregnancy High blood pressure Osteoarthritis Gout Gallstones and gallbladder disease Some cancers Kidney disease Sleep apnea and asthma Skin conditions Type 2 diabetes Where your weight is collected also seems … Read more

How Does the Thyroid Affect Metabolism?

When many people hear the word metabolism, they think about calorie burning. How effectively your body uses energy (burns calories) is definitely one of the many functions and outputs of metabolism. Your metabolic process uses more energy and burns more calories when it is increased than when it is slow. You probably know at least one person that has a metabolism you would kill for. That individual can eat anything he or she wants, never … Read more

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

You have probably noticed that what is normal for you is not necessarily normal for other people. You may have a friend who can seemingly eat anything and stay slim and trim, but if you so much as walk past a doughnut, pastry or some other baked good, you gain 2 pounds. These person-to-person differences also occur with blood sugar levels. What may be slightly high for you may be acceptable for someone else. The … Read more

Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, don’t deprive your body of important calories and nutrients. Instead, take action to re-activate your metabolism and get it working to your advantage. If you are having difficulty getting rid of unwanted fat or reaching your desired weight, maybe it is due to your metabolism not functioning as well as it could. Know Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Knowing your BMR helps you understand how many calories your body … Read more

Do You Need Insulin If You Have Type 2 Diabetes?

Insulin is not always required with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. That is, it may not be required right away. This is because lifestyle changes can be very effective for reversing type 2 diabetes in many people. If those changes don’t get your diabetes under control, then insulin may be required if you maintain a diabetic state for a significant period of time. The Difference in Type I and Type 2 Diabetes and How Insulin … Read more

How Does Metabolism Affect Weight Loss?

Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes involved in transforming the food you consumed into fuel. While this fuel will serve as the energy necessary to keep your entire body working and alive, the speed at which your metabolism works can significantly impact your overall health. This includes your ability to lose weight, but how does metabolism affect weight loss? Metabolism and Your Age Your body’s metabolism will start to slow down starting at the … Read more

Is Type 2 Diabetes Dangerous?

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis means your blood sugar levels are dangerously high. Either your body is unable to produce enough insulin, or you have developed an insulin resistance. What is the big deal about insulin? This is a chemical that helps your body metabolize glucose. Glucose is a very simple sugar. When your body does not utilize it properly, due a lack of or reduced reaction to insulin, it is quickly stored as fat. … Read more