Hacking the “Golden Years”

It happens to the best of us, I guess.

We’re merrily strolling through life facing the usual challenges and enjoying the good times when all of a sudden the calendar slaps us in the face with a warning…

Caution: Entering the “Golden Years”. Enjoy them. You don’t have a lot of time left.

At least that happened to me at the beginning of this year.

I was bumbling through life ignoring my expanding waistline and my decreasing energy when I signed up for social security and my family celebrated my 66th birthday. It seemed like yesterday when I didn’t think I live to be 30.

With that wake up call, I started thinking about my preparations (or lack of preparation) for retiring and enjoying all the promises and dreams that go along with that part of life. I’d always figured I’d retire healthy, wealthy, and happy.

One out of three isn’t bad. Right?

Although I generally feel OK, I don’t feel as good as I used to and as good as I want to. Does that make sense?
Like most people, I’m carrying more weight than I should. That has caused the doc to diagnose me with “insulin resistance” or “Syndrome X”. Some folks call it pre-type II diabetes. I don’t like that situation.

Financially, I’m doing ok… but I can’t afford to walk away from my job at the moment.

The financial fizzle around 2007 or 2008 hit hard. I went from six figures in real estate equity to being upside down by almost that amount. I just recently broke even with the value of my home finally matching the amount owed on the mortgage. My IRA and 401k got zapped, too. Even though the market has been improving lately, those losses haven’t quite been recovered.

In this blog, I plan to write about health and financial issues we face as Baby Boomers in the golden years.

I’ll keep you posted as I find ways to stretch my dollars and ideas for supplementing my retirement income.

Those problems are actually pretty minor.

I’m still healthy enough to enjoy time with my wife and visits from the grandkids. And I’m healthy enough to keep working for a few more years. We pay our bills each month without a problem and add to our savings, so we’re doing ok.

I’m happy. That’s the most important of the three – healthy, wealthy, and happy.

That’s it for today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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