Is Procrastination Killing You, Too?

Several months ago, I re-focused this blog to discuss the issues of living well in retirement. I started organizing the results of my reading and research in health issues and wealth-management topics for those of us in the Baby Boomer generation. I was acutely aware that I was facing an up-hill challenge. Working in the software development business and being a writer almost guaranteed that I spent the majority of my time hunched over a … Read more

90% of People Over 65 Are Lazy…

… at least that seems to be the conclusion of a writer at the New York Times. The actual quote is: “Exercise among middle-aged and older adults in the Western world is rare. By most estimates, only about 10 percent of people past the age of 65 work out regularly. So, our expectations about what is normal during aging are based on how growing older affects sedentary people. ” —Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times That … Read more

Hacking the “Golden Years”

It happens to the best of us, I guess. We’re merrily strolling through life facing the usual challenges and enjoying the good times when all of a sudden the calendar slaps us in the face with a warning… Caution: Entering the “Golden Years”. Enjoy them. You don’t have a lot of time left. At least that happened to me at the beginning of this year. I was bumbling through life ignoring my expanding waistline and … Read more